14th C. Child's Shoes


  1. Measure foot length.
  2. Scan pattern drawing and scale sole to measured size, print.
  3. Trace pattern onto leather for upper and sole, cut out both pieces.
  4. Stitch side seam using waxed-end boar's bristles with 2-ply linen cord through flesh/side holes made with curved awl. (The stiches are made on the flesh - inside - of the upper.)
  5. Stitch upper to sole using metal needles with waxed thread through side of sole leather punched into upper leather. (Stitching is done with the shoe inside out at this point.)
  6. Turn shoe right side in (dry turn, leather is soft and pliable enough to not need wetting).
  7. Stitch on heel stiffener using curved awl and curved metal needle.
  8. Freehand cut and knot tailed toggles.
  9. Cut slits for tailed toggles and stitch them into place using curved awl and curved metal needle.
  10. Stamp vamp once with moon-shaped leather punch.
  11. Punch holes along top of upper and whip-stitch with decorative embroidery thread.

Notes on the above process

Thoughts and observations for the next project

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