Shoes by Robert

Books and Articles

These four books should be studied by a prospective shoe maker, both before and after crafting. Reading gives some clues, doing helps understand the reading, and then re-reading clarifies problems, and so on.

Volken; excellent resource for finding a type based on timeline. Comprehensive and thorough.

Goubitz et al.: especially good for learning about techniques and materials; categorizes shoes types by fastenings so can be harder to find something for given time period.

Grew and de Neergaard; more limited in scope, for time and place, but full of good drawings and photos.

Mould; more than just shoes; this book can be downloaded as a PDF file for reading on a computer or tablet. See the York Archaeological Trust Fascicules for a link to it and other small finds from archaeological excavations in York.

Harjula; also more limited in scope, but with numerous color photos and descriptions of shoes and shoemaking not found elsewhere. Free download via

If you cannot acquire your own copies, try a local university library or the interlibrary loan service at your public library.

Main Sources

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Additional Background Material

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