Shoes by Robert


Many medieval manuscripts include numerous examples of people wearing colored leggings without shoes.

Were they running around in their stocking feet? Or did they have thick leather attached to their hosen?

Itís certainly plausible, easy, fast, and cheap to stitch on a piece of leather and wear it in place of shoes, provided one does not need much foot protection.

I attached 9-10oz. soles to this pair when their bottoms wore out after being worn inside shoes. They are very comfortable, especially with an added felt insole inside.

Several examples of men in hosen and no shoes.

These hosen were made by Lady Maedbh ni Clerigh.

Last updated April 11, 2019.

Close-up of side view of hosen-shoe.
Hosen with stitched-on leather soles.
Bottom view of hosen soles.
Front view of hosen-shoes.
They're quite comfortable rolled down as well.